When it comes to interior designing mirrors have become a very important part of the new aesthetic. The definition and space that it adds to all rooms at the same time is a very distinct feature of this decor item. I for one love mirrors because they’re a constant reminder of the confidence and beauty that we carry with ourselves each day and the effect of time on us; however, what we don’t see is the effect that we have on others. We see what we sometimes don’t want to see but the reality is hidden deep under the abyss of the reflection that we don’t even see. Philosophy aside there are multiple reasons that mirrors are used in homes. 

Let’s find out some of the most pressing reasons why mirrors are an interior design essential! 

Addition Of Light 

One of the best things about a mirror is its ability to reflect light back and add natural light in a dim area. If you have a room in your house which doesn’t get enough natural sunlight then adding a mirror to this room is the best thing you can do. It will naturally bounce and reflect the light that there is to make the room look well lit. If the room does not even have a small window then make sure the mirror is placed in such a direction that it reflects light from your table lamps or wall mounted lights. More light may not be as good in a smaller room the illusion of light that the mirror’s reflection creates is better for the outlook. 

Focal Point 

Creating a focal point in any room is a little difficult and especially using expensive decoration pieces is not everyone’s piece of cake. For example a full mirror on a wall can always let you see yourself on your way out. It will also reflect your exceptional flooring and other accents to make it outshine everything. Single handedly a mirror with metal frames and circular convex mirrors in an arrangement can easily take the attention of everyone. To further enhance this mirror setting a little more add a flower vase or some rustic lanterns to make it stand out. 

Spacious Rooms 

In addition to the mirrors ability to add light and a focal point to a room they also have the ability to make your rooms look more spacious. Especially in a smaller room using large mirrors on walls or doors can easily give the illusion of a more spacious area. Just the mere reflection powers of the mirror are the biggest reason that they just make everything look better. Sometimes it’s really impossible to not add furniture in a room so in situations like these try mirrors on the back of the door or walls, the ambiance of spaciousness that it will create is ideal to make your room spacious. 

Now you know why interior designers always prefer to add mirrors wherever they can. If you don’t have the assistance of a professional here are some of the best places in your house where you can use mirrors. 


Usually hallways are not lit well enough so using a mirror to reflect whatever light is there is a good way to make it bright. Also on your way out getting a view of you and your outfit can save you from a lot of wardrobe malfunctions. 

Dark Walls 

Dark walls often feel like the walls are closing down on you, with a mirror’s reflective power this closing down effect can easily be cut down. It will reflect the room and give the wall a different glow. 


A mirror reflecting the glowing flames of a fireplace, just imagine! There can be nothing better than this i’m sure! Let’s not even go into why do you really need to put it there. 

A myriad of problems in your house can be hidden with beautiful mirrors! If you are smart enough you can use these mirrors to do almost anything and everything to improve the aesthetic of your home!