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Latest Posts

7 Home Renovation Tips And Tricks For A Modern Interior On A Budget

If you’re looking to renovate your home on a budget, we’ve got some great tips and tricks for you! A modern interior doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With a little creativity and elbow grease, you can achieve the look you want without breaking the bank. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some affordable ways to give your home a modern makeover. Stay tuned for our top tips!

1. Paint Neutral Color Walls

Painting your walls is a relatively easy and affordable way to update your home’s look. One of the best ways to achieve a modern look on a budget is to use light colors. Pale shades can help open up small spaces and make your home feel more airy and spacious. If you’re not sure which colors to choose, consider going with neutral hues like beige, white, or gray. These shades will never go out of style and can easily be paired with other colors.

2. Use Minimalist Furniture

Another way to achieve a modern look on a budget is by using simple, minimalist furniture. Opt for pieces that have clean lines and are free of ornamentation. Use light colors to brighten up your space leaving it open and airy. 

Opt for furniture that is low-profile and doesn’t take up too much space. Choose simple, geometric shapes over intricate designs. You don’t need to buy all new furniture to achieve this look; you can renovate the ones that you already have or find some great deals at thrift stores and garage sales.

3. Add Modern Accessories

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to update your home, consider adding some new modern accessories. Accessories are a great way to add personality to your space without spending a lot of money. You can mix and match different styles to create a look that’s unique to you.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider looking for deals at thrift stores and garage sales. You can often find great bargains on furniture, accessories, and even appliances. Just be sure to inspect everything carefully before buying it to make sure that it’s in good condition.

4. Use Artwork To Add Character

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add some character to your home, consider using artwork. You can find paintings, photographs, and wall decals online or at your local art store. Just be sure to shop around for the best prices.

Wall decals are a great way to add a pop of color or personality to your walls without spending a lot of money. And, if you ever get tired of them, they’re easy to remove.

5. Bring Greenery Indoors

Add some plants around the house for more natural beauty and healthier air quality. Adding greenery indoors is one sure way to bring life into your home. There are many different types of plants available, so you’ll want to choose low maintenance ones or those that don’t require much sunlight– they’re easy on both financially and emotionally because their beauty will be seen from behind where we’re looking at them once everything’s planted up front! 

Grouping these outdoor decorations together in pots around the house also works well if desired; anything goes really as long as it looks good.

6. Hang Curtains Instead Of Blinds

Have you ever considered using curtains instead of blinds to give your home an updated, modern look? There’s many types out there for every budget and taste! To decide which ones are best suited though take time in choosing the right fabric. As with anything else- if it doesn’t feel quite perfect at first then don’t be afraid to make adjustments before hanging them up or mounting hardware on walls.

When deciding how high (or low) we should put our window treatments, remember this idea: The higher the treatment, the taller and more regal the window will look. Conversely, if you want to make your windows look smaller- hang treatments lower on the window.

7. Replace Your Lighting Fixtures

Décor is all about making a statement, and there’s no better way than with some sleek new lighting fixtures. Replace outdated light fixtures with modern and stylish options to give your home the look you want! 

With the right lighting, you can dramatically improve curb appeal and create an inviting atmosphere in all of your rooms. Investing wisely will pay off by giving yourself more time for other important projects while saving money on electricity bills too! We recommend updating outdated light fixtures to modern styles that are stylish but still have energy-efficient features like LED lights or opioid bulbs which don’t emit UV rays so they last longer than ordinary incandescent ones do–plus these types provide minimal warm white hues ideal comforting after dark hours when needed most.

There are so many ways to make small changes that can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your space. By using some or all of the tips we’ve shared, you can give your home an updated modern interior without breaking the bank. So get creative and have fun with it – after all, it’s your home!

4 Essential Ideas for Cozy Winter Living Room

As colder months get near, you can prepare home for the winter, making it cozy and warmer. Sometimes our mood takes turns with the weather, so to charge up your mood and feel a warm atmosphere around you, let’s revamp your living space to make it a charming and inviting place. Below are some amazing and inspiring cozy living room ideas to start with:

1. Colors and Texture 

Unique blending and balance of colors are skills that you need to master first.  Achieving the perfect and harmonious balance of pattern and color is a great factor in a winter living room’s success. “When combining different patterns, the secret is to use different scales. It is only then that each pattern can breathe and not fight against its surroundings,” says Kit Kemp, interior designer and founder of Firmdale Hotels. 

For a snowy calm look, you can go with the whites rather than grey. However, if you are more drawn towards a cozy and warmer atmosphere, then choose warm earthy shades such as camels, beautiful browns, and soft sandy tones. If you are going for dark walls then brighten up with colorful accessories to keep the dullness away.  

2. Fireplace Decoration

The fireplace is the depression-free zone in the winter season. It is also the main gathering point of a winter living room. It is a place where family and friends sit down for relaxed and warmer evenings. So rearrange sofas and seating arrangements. Even if it is not in use yet, you can still decorate its area with winter accessories. Add some winter accessories like blankets, ornamented pillow throws, and cushions on top of sofas and armchairs for more comfort and cozy experiences. 

Add layers of curtains to maintain a calm winter spirit as it blocks the chills of the cold weather, and the fabric softness adds more warmth to the space. Wooden furniture is close to nature. Hence, by placing it around the fireplace, they naturally add warmness yet make it stylish at the same time. 

3. Natural Atmosphere

Decorate your living room with exquisite greenery for natural sights. Greenery inside the home helps to calm down the depressive atmosphere in every season. Furthermore, it helps in keeping the environment fresh and clean. Choosing green plants and pots can help you create a more suitable atmosphere in your living room in winter. However, keep in mind that colorful flowers will not go with the flow with the winter season, but colorful fruits do. 

In addition, you can place winter fruits on the table in the middle of the living room to support the natural environment. It will not only give a pleasant view to the room, but also match it with the winter theme. One more thing, do not forget the oranges! You can also place big paintings of beautiful sceneries showing natural landscapes and waterfalls on the walls.  

4. Living Room Lightning

As winter days are short, the living room should be well lit. To increase lighting without adding too much lighting equipment the trick is to use a mirror. It will maximize the amount of natural light in a room by projecting the winter sun throughout the room and increasing brightness in the space. In addition, lighting equipment also plays a great role through its delicate shapes and function. Having different light sources will help you achieve a perfect environment in both day and night zones.

Use Floor lamps to bring lights into dark corners. They are very supportive elements for brightening up dark spots in the room on winter nights. If you get a fancy kind, then they will play a dual role by not just being the lighting equipment but also a decorative accessory that adds beauty to the cozy atmosphere. You can also add candles. It is one of the most popular living room items during winter and creates a beautiful sophisticated atmosphere. 

So here are some of the essential ideas, but there are plenty more ways to make your living room feel cozier and more inviting. Choices matter and create a huge difference. The way you choose colors to go with, furniture types and placements, lighting placements, and off course add-ons accessories – all have a major impact on the outcome of your living space.

3 Ways To Keep Up With The Home Renovation Trends Of The Decade

Home renovation designs take decades to change but the recent changes in the world that includes, the pandemic, future of work, and remote working have entirely changed our everyday dynamics and put us behind the walls, in our homes. These changes called for a better and healthy lifestyle that focused on healthy eating, exercising, eco-friendly homes, electric cars, paperless offices, and a world with fewer carbon footprints. As more time is bound to be spent at home due to the change in world dynamics, people called for a holistic approach when it comes to their homes, and an environment-friendly, breathable, light-toned, more green, and energy-efficient home designs are desired that are equally inviting, appealing and trendy. Let’s have a look at the number of trends that must be part of your upcoming home renovation project. 

Building Work Sanctuaries At Home 

Recent research has concluded that more than 35% of the world’s employees will be remote working from their homes by 2025 which is approximately 85% of an increase since 2020. All thanks to mobile communications, flexible working schedules, and entrepreneurship that raises the inclusion of a dedicated work sanctuary in our homes. So one of the latest trends of home remodeling is to convert, build or transform any vacant bedroom or space into a workspace or a home office. The idea is to create a functional space or nook that can be both used for working or living purposes and has furniture and storage that is convertible or hidden, the walls with sound insulation, fresh air, and bright lights to improve the focus, productivity, and mental energy for work. 

Building Indoor-Outdoor Connections

Extending your indoor to the outdoors gives your interior a broader and bigger look. This new trend of the decade has blurred the boundaries between the interior and the exterior of a house. Out of which, a stretching garden structure is the most popular one. The creation of glazed elements would make your garden and sky view a part of your bedroom. Same flooring or the continued finishing on your flooring in the indoors and the outdoors that is frostproof and slip-resistant is also a great way to create a place for outdoor cooking. dining and for entertainment purposes. People having large places in hotter climes must have a retractable sun canopy, an overhang, glazing, or sloped roofs on their outdoor extensions to protect their exterior from the harsh weather and also to create a contemporary look. Or for a seamless outdoor, indoor transition, completely lose the wall and swap it with bifold doors, sliding doors or French doors if you have a healthy budget. 

Integrating Green Solutions In The Interior

A house with regenerative solutions, renewable energy sources, a healthy indoor climate, recyclable products, and a sustainable design creates a creative and holistic place to live. In this regard, green energy solutions are an integral part of our life and living spaces for a circular sustainable future, fewer carbon footprints, less energy consumption and lower the effects of climate change and global warming in our atmosphere. So, if you are up for your home remodeling, upgrading the home insulation will improve the overall quality of your home that results in less energy wasted. Opt for PVC windows rather than the old drafty windows as the former are highly energy-efficient and an upgraded choice for an eco-friendly home. Always use the paint that has low volatile organic compounds in it to protect your interior from harmful emission of petroleum and chemicals that evaporates out of them. Install a passive solar system designed to heat up your home in the winters and block the heat in the summers.

Home renovations are a challenging business. It’s a time-consuming, money-consuming, and complicated process that eventually gives your home an appealing and aesthetic look you have always yearned for. It is necessary for improving the functionality of your place and enhancing the living conditions of its people and if there are any major repairs that have been pending for months, there is no good time to get it all sorted out. 

5 Creative Ways to Redesign Your Basement

Most homeowners these days invest in a basement for a variety of reasons and while the possibilities are endless, it most often ends up turning into a storage spot.

With a large space available, you can redesign or renovate it creatively. You can use it as a separate room for yourself for additional privacy, convert it into a second lounge, or even redesign it into a fantastic gaming room where you and your friends can enjoy hours.

Keeping your budget and needs in mind, you can convert your basement into whatever your heart desires and if you are confused, we have compiled a handy list of possibilities that you could mull over when renovating your basement.

1. Convert it into a Second Living Room for Additional Privacy

If you have a big family with the little ones running around everywhere, you may often search for additional privacy where you can relax and enjoy some time on your own. With one lounge, that may not always be possible.

A great way to enjoy some alone time with yourself is by converting your basement into a second living room. Not only does it make use of that extra space, but it also provides you with the privacy and peace you desire.

You can make it a no-go zone for your children and enjoy your free time reading a book, watching television, or spending time with your friends in your new second lounge.

If there is enough room, go ahead and add a refrigerator or a mini kitchen where you can prepare snacks for yourself. You can place comfortable sofas, rocking chairs, coffee tables, and even set up television for yourself.

Alternatively, you can give this new living room to your kids instead so they can use it as a playroom while you lounge upstairs.

2. Add a Luxurious Home Movie Theatre

One of the more popular basement renovation choices is converting it into a luxury movie theatre. Basements are ideal for this as they are darker, quieter, and give you privacy. This makes them an excellent choice for a home cinema.

You can equip your basement with a proper stereo system, movie screen, and comfy chairs. While basements often exude dungeon-like appearances, you can easily fix that by adding soft colors to the walls, light-colored furniture, and delicately patterned wallpaper, etc.

3. Turn it into a Wine Cellar

To preserve wine and keep it good for years to come, it needs to be kept underground where it is much cooler. Basements were initially constructed for this purpose, but with time their utility and purpose have become more flexible.

If you have a basement, you can take advantage of it and build a wine cellar where you can save all your valuable spirits. If you have the budget for it, add tasting tables for your guests so they are impressed by the presentation and the stellar wine!

4. Add in a Swimming Pool

Adding a swimming pool to your basement is another common idea. To many, it may seem more aspirational and less realistic, but this is a popular choice when renovating or redesigning basements.

If you have the finances for it, you can convert your basement into a brilliant swimming pool with a small bar on the side. You can even add a jacuzzi instead with a lush décor that exudes tranquil energy.

Additionally, you can even add a separate space for a steam shower, massage booth, free-floating tub, etc.

5. Make a Soundproof Music or Jamming Room

If you are a musician or just enjoy playing it or jamming it out with your friends, then turning your basement into a soundproof music room is a brilliant choice. This is especially handy if you have neighbors who do not appreciate the constant racket.

You can arrange your musical instruments and build shelves to store them away. You can even build a mini stage for personal performances.

Equip your soundproof music room with stereo systems, mics, etc., so you can enjoy jamming with your friends and practicing your performances.

Turning your basement into a soundproof room is also handy if your kids are always playing with instruments or loud toys.

6. Change it to a Guest Room

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best ones. You can turn your basement into a handy guest room for friends coming to stay over.

If your home does not have extra rooms for guests, you can just convert your basement into one. If the space is large enough, you can turn it into two guest bedrooms with proper décor, comfortable beds, and even attached bathrooms. 

5 Incredible Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen on a Budget

If you are bored looking at the same old cabinets, walls, and rusty faucets, then it is time for a spectacular remodeling project.

Periodic touch-ups to your kitchen can not only keep it looking new and exciting, but it also updates your old kitchen and plumbing equipment and makes it more eco-friendly. You can save a lot on energy and water bills just by making small changes around your kitchen.

If you are worried it may drain away from your precious money, then there is no need to fret because we have compiled a list of budget-friendly changes you can make around your kitchen to make it look sparkling new again.

1. Install Under-cabinet Lights

There is no better way to give your kitchen a fresh, trendy new look than by installing under-cabinet lights.

Poor lighting is often an issue for many homeowners, and this could be due to poor design, bad locations, etc. You may end up adding a bunch of new lamps or other lightings just to help with your vision and the overall brightness in the room.

However, more lights mean more bills! A better solution to this problem is under-cabinet lighting that comes with a dimmer. You can easily chop vegetables on the counter without turning on every light in the kitchen, read through recipe books with ease, and adjust the brightness using the handy dimmer.

In fact, under-cabinet lights can also create the perfect romantic ambiance for a special date night. Installing these is also very easy but we do recommend getting the help of an electrician for all safety purposes.

Enjoy good lighting specifically where you are working and never fret about high electricity bills with these LED undercabinet lights.

2. Install Open Kitchen Shelving

Open kitchen shelving has become more and more popular thanks to its aesthetic appeal. If you have a smaller kitchen, this design can greatly help in giving it an open layout. With open shelving, your kitchen appears more than just an oven or a refrigerator.

All you need to do is remove the doors from some of your kitchen cabinets and paint the interior to give them a brighter look and a spacious appeal.

Installing open kitchen shelving is also incredibly cheap and can give your kitchen a fresh new look without wasting too much money on expensive remodeling projects.

With an open cabinet display, you can make your kitchen look vibrant by arranging colorful plates and mugs inside them. You can also enjoy some additional space around the room that could make stocking your groceries much easier.  

3. Repaint The Countertops

Sometimes remodeling your kitchen could be as simple as repainting your countertops. While this may often seem like an arduous task, it is far more simple, easy, and cheap than you think.

With a handy countertop refinishing kit, you can make your countertops look sleek, shiny, and brand new. If they are wooden countertops, you can also apply some polisher to achieve that seamless glean.

Repainting your countertops can be done so on a budget and by yourself. However, you can also take it a step further and revamp those countertops and replace them with new ones. Although this may be a slightly pricier option.

Keeping costs, budget, and other factors in mind, repainting countertops is a far easier and more viable option if you are looking to remodel your kitchen.

4. Upgrade The Faucets

One of the easiest ways of remodeling your kitchen on a budget is by upgrading old, rusty faucets and knobs.

Most homeowners will not think of replacing or upgrading their faucets for over ten or even fifteen years, but the wear and tear begin to show when there are leaks and squeaky sounds when turning and twisting them.

Luckily for most homeowners, new faucets can easily be purchased online from a variety of brands. These new plumbing fixtures are specifically designed to be eco-friendly and save on water and energy for homeowners.

Be it water heaters, pipes, kitchen faucets, etc., upgrading them will save you precious money and keep you from wasting water.

Upgrading your faucets and pipes can also help with clogging problems, and they also take up less space in the cabinets under the sink, creating more space for useful items to be stored.

5. Add Kitchen Backsplash

A relatively new trend, kitchen backsplash has become an extremely popular choice for homeowners as it helps you zero in on a focal point in the kitchen. Instead of repainting your entire kitchen or attaching wallpaper, the kitchen backsplash helps in highlighting the area above the stove or sink.

The primary purpose of a backsplash is to protect kitchen walls from oil stains, splashes, and other greasy marks. A backsplash can protect your walls as well as look fabulous. Although a tile backsplash may be pricey, you can go for ceramic, porcelain, pegboards, wood, glass, or even vinyl.

Since these take little space and are incredibly affordable, you can always switch to something different later. Just make sure it is easy on the eyes as you will be staring at it while cooking or washing the dishes.

Top 7 Ways to Adorn Your Interior With Pretty Florals

Accessorizing your space while redesigning your house interior can be one tough job, especially when so many home accents shift in and out of fashion. However, there’s that one accent that never goes out of trend nor loses its charm. Tested and tried time and time again- behold! The pretty floral arrangement. Ideal for a room, lounge, or window sills, these floral arrangements (regardless of these blossoms being real or faux) never go out of style. Additionally, they look good even the stairways, and your kitchen perks up in the twinkle of the eye. Flowers, plants, or foliage give a natural look and dignity without cluttering your space. Inexpensive compared to other materials, they are a must for interior design, all the while freshening up the entire arrangement. 

However,  it does require a proper arrangement, the choice of color, and the container to accentuate its real essence. A correct style of vase/ container combined with the perfect type of flowers can supplement the aesthetic you are going after. Not sure how to roll out the red carpet for those pretty florals or not confident whether you want to go big and bold or classy and cool? Well, here’s why we got some details and some good ways to spice up the look of your space with the floral arrangement.

Show-Stopper Halls

The most pleasing way to be welcomed when entering your home is definitely by an elegant exhibit of blooms. And what’s a better place than hallways to arrange your flowers? Show off your arrangement by placing some colorful bold blooms (like dahlias), or purple hydrangeas in a neutral textured vase on round-shaped stands. It will not help to take advantage of beautiful high ceilings so that they can be admired from the staircase or even ground level but rather also makes an effective chat starter when your company steps inside your home. Or you can go with pedestal tables that would play with natural lights in your entrance to bring an artistic feel to your corner. Go for a hellebore arrangement in an antique or bronze vase to bring the winter sparkle in the entry hall.

Adorn those Fireplace Mantle

Turn that fireplace mantle into the main focal point by covering it with a lush green cascading arrangement with floral wet foam brick topped with ferns and vines along with some in-season beautiful dahlias for the burst of energy or lavender and hydrangeas for garden aesthetic.  Another way to add a floral touch to the mantle is to place some clear milk jugs and contemplate it with long flowering stems or Hyacinth to give it a clean crisp look. 

Flowers Belong in the Kitchen and Dining Table 

Bring the charm of the garden to the kitchen/kitchen table with a floral arrangement. Go for white or yellow flowers in clear jars to give dark kitchens an alluring look. Perk up your bright kitchens with orange or purple flowers. Choose long stems with sunflowers on the kitchen island for a summery glow or watering can (be it old or new) filled up with colorful chrysanthemums for that country kitchen look. Burgundy leaves branches to give off moodier and sophisticated vibes and has an artistic aesthetic so going for it will help you achieve a modern and stylish look of your dining table.

Row arrangement of clear bowls or vases filled with roses makes for a perfect arrangement on the dining table. Or rosebud blooms filled in Teacup-shaped vase for the delicate decoration feel but still suave enough for the gatherings.

Meaningful Spaces 

A towering arrangement with a bundle of cherry blossoms in clear glass charges up those empty areas with a new look. You can also put them in a modern vase to give contemporary appeal, or bring fun touch via a golden vase filled with tulip placing.

Living up the Lounge

Flower bombs in purple and green color freshen up the lounge area, whilst bringing a country garden feel to it. A ceramic-style centerpiece brimming with white flowers adds a touch of comfort and a relaxed atmosphere. A burst of the pink flower in a porcelain vase is sure to make a statement. A brown or violet-hued blooms with ferns and pine cones for a rustic wintery look. 

Watching Window Sills 

Purple orchids, geraniums, or daisies in the flower box are some of the choices that go very well with a windowsill flower arrangement. For the vintage look, put single yellow flowers in a rustic-styled pot or pair of orchids. It will simply double the beauty. On the other hand, pumpkin and mums in orange and black pots give a perfect fall vibe. Flower-filled teacup in round trays gives the oh-so-pretty look to your sills.

Bedside Blooms

Bring blooming beauty to your bedside table or stylish vanity with an eye-catching floral showcase. Adding blooms in the bedroom isn’t just about visuals; it creates uplifting energy. Bedrooms are also the first place you find yourself in when you wake up and the last relaxation stop for your night. So creating a visually appealing surrounding with bloom arrangements is a must!

Posy of flowers gives sweets emphasis to side tables. Opt for pink coral roses and peonies in a golden vase with sprigs of eucalyptus for a neat pretty look. Lotus, orchids, and cherry blossoms for a light fragrant collection. Calm arrangement of dahlias or whiteheads of puffy cotton in clear jars for chic vanity styling. 

Always remember to never clutter your space with an extra-large arrangement of any other clashing kind along with blooms. The floral displays mentioned above are guaranteed to please you, while also bringing a unique personal style touch to your interior. Let the flowers in your home do the talking with these floral designing trends.

5 Things That Matters In Interior Designing?

When we talk about interior design it is not something that just came into fashion recently, it is something that has been in fashion and a trend since the earliest of times and that is why we see so many ancient buildings with amazing architecture and interior. Since the beginning of time, interior design is something that has been demanded by people because of the aesthetic appeal that it brings. People sometimes regard a good interior design and finishing as a status symbol too that is why ever since the beginning of the times it has been of great importance, and we can see it in every cultural building how intricate the interior designing is and how much money is spent on achieving these amazing designs.

In the modern world, interior design is still extremely important because people most of the time want their interior design to look a lot better than their exterior. So that is why many people now actually spend lots of cash getting the best interior designs made.

If you are planning on revamping the interiors of your house these are the 5 most important things you should look at. 

1. Types Of Interior Designs

Each era had something unique to offer and what we see now is something that is an amalgamation of all these old styles. Some people have their own custom styles that they like and innovate accordingly. But some of the common designs are Art Deco, they were started in Europe. The design’s uniqueness can be seen from the fact that it rejected traditional interior design ways and adopted different kinds of materials like shiny materials, glasses, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

Arab Designs have recently gained popularity in the middle eastern and south Asian regions, although many people around the world love to incorporate this style in their houses due to its uniqueness. What makes this unique is the majlis and naqsh painting styles, the intricate detail, and floral designs add a whole new dimension to the designing aspect. These beautiful designs can be seen even as these trends have been passed down in families. According to Arabs, a family’s wealth can be judged by the number of paintings they have. 

2. Shape Of Your Room 

Depending on the shape of your room and the pre-existing furniture most of the interior design can be changed. For example, if a room is in a very geometric shape and most of the furniture is in well-defined shapes too then adding some loosening elements to the room would be good. Like a lousy bean bag, a round carpet for your single chair or a corner table to bring everything together. The aim of the designer should not be to completely make the room look geometric but ensure that geometry goes well with the natural shape of the room and the room doesn’t just look like a block. The purpose is to add style and maintain cohesiveness. 

3. The Natural or Artificial Light 

Light is hands down the most important element while designing interiors. No matter which room you plan to redesign, the first thing you will be looking at is your windows and other light sources in your room. How the windows should be covered and what kind of curtains will go best with your room is a crucial decision in interior design.

Whether a big window will be covered with a blind or a curtain will differ in each room. Similarly, where there is artificial light the real question would be where should light be focused and how it should be distributed among the room in order to outshine the design of the room. 

4. Colour Scheme 

Setting the tone of any room is largely dependent on the colors that it has. Light colors will make your room look more airy and spacious while darker colors make your room feel smaller and often more congested. This is why designers never advise on getting dark colors in your room, the maximum that can be done is one accent wall with dark colors in the room.

This wall serves as the highlight of the room and becomes the focal point. Usually, these walls are behind beds or right in front of them, no matter which wall you choose for a dark or light color depending on your personal preference remember that colors have a great impact on your moods too! 

5. Texture 

One of the most ignored elements of interior design especially by those who are designing their houses without any professional help. The texture is the finish of the surfaces in your room. Like a tiled floor will be shiny and smooth while marble floorings can often be dull and textured whereas a wooden floor can display both dull and shiny surfaces depending on what you chose. 

The texture is not just limited to floorings, from your sofas to throws to curtains and tables all textures matter. The combination of these textures and how you mix and match them can be very important in adding depth to the overall design in your room. 

Interior designing has always been a very important aspect of building the house of your dreams. No matter where we go, the interior design of the house makes or breaks it. When the doors open and you know one thing, how the rest of the house will be. The aesthetics are very important! 

4 Things to Keep in Mind While Designing a Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen

Special needs homeowners need modified kitchens that are completely functional and can be easily accessed by a wheelchair. Accessible homes and kitchens have only recently become popular as home design is moving towards more inclusiveness. There are many elements that need to be considered while designing an accessible kitchen, for example, is the entrance large enough, are the dishes placed low enough to be accessible, can the microwave be reached easily, is the prep area easy to access and so on. The purpose of these kitchens is to provide more independence to the less able and wheelchair bound people and give them the freedom to perform basic daily tasks on their own.  

Here are a few important modifications you should consider when designing a wheelchair accessible kitchen:

1. Lowered kitchen Countertops:

Normally a kitchen countertop is 36” high, but while designing an accessible kitchen, they are kept at 34” or lowered to almost 28” depending upon the client’s needs. This makes it easier for them to reach the back of the countertops as well and work easily without getting tired. The width of accessible countertops is usually 30” and can be adjusted accordingly. Another thing to keep in mind is to not obstruct the countertops with primary cabinets and keep space for knees and toes. To determine the right height and width of countertops, adjusted tables can be used prior to installing the countertops to find the comfortable height according to the client’s needs.  

2. Kitchen Sinks:

For accessible kitchens, space under the sinks is kept open to allow easy access to wheelchairs and walkers. Knee clearance for sinks is usually kept at 27” high and 8” deep, or sometimes 11” deep depending upon what the client is comfortable with.. One of the most important things to be kept in mind is the pipes. The pipes tend to get really hot and will be dangerous for legs. Which is why they should be properly sealed and isolated to keep any accidents from happening. Moving on to the faucets, they should be single lever faucets and are easily accessible. Touch control faucets are also a very viable option and can be installed to the side of the sink to make them more accessible. Side drawers can be added to the sink to store cleaning products and reach them easily. 

3. Wall Cabinets:

The wall cabinets need to be carefully designed because if they are lowered too much, it compromises the work area of the countertops, but if they are too high they can be inaccessible. One feasible option is to use electric cabinets that can be adjusted by lowering and raising them with a button and saves the countertop space. The regularly used items like spices, can be kept in pull out drawers and keep pots and pans in the cabinets. There are more accessible options like pull down shelves, adjustable shelves, drawer dividers, etc that make reaching things really easy. As for the handles on cabinet doors and drawers, use looped pulls instead of knobs to avoid any twisting and pinching motions. Another easy access option is to use touch release drawers and doors, or swing up hardware that can allow cabinets to hinge at the top and stay open. 

4. Appliances:

It’s pretty obvious that the appliances should be installed lower, at approximately 31” from the floor. In order to eliminate having to reach across hot burners, electric cooktops with staggered burners should be installed. Moreover, the dishwasher should be installed at least 6-8” above the floor and made accessible from either side. A bottom-drawer freezer is an excellent option for accessible kitchens and will make it easier to reach and store things. 

Accessible kitchens aim at giving more freedom to special needs homeowners and help them live independent lives. These are some important design modifications that should be kept in mind while designing an accessible kitchen to provide maximum comfort to the clients.

6 Reasons Why You Need Carpets And Rugs In Your Home

Whenever we try to redecorate a space the first thing we think about is changing our rush and carpets and for all the right reasons! They play such an essential role in setting the mood for your rooms especially if it is a statement rug. I absolutely love the versatility they have in terms of size, shape, color and designs and how they can accurately fit into any room. This game changer is also available in a variety of cultures with completely different designs and production techniques often setting their prices a little too high, but let me tell you the highly priced afghani and turkish carpets are worth all your money! The exquisite details and their intricacies are the real winners. 

Here are 6 more reasons why carpets make your house look like a perfectly well-dressed outfit! 

  • They Allow You To Add Color 

There may be many ways to add color to a room but the way a carpet lights up a room from the very core of it is absolutely stunning. If you have a dark colored room or a very light neutral colored room you can choose a colorful rug to add the dash of color that is missing from your room and conversely if your room is already too loud then use the carpet to mute the colors a little. Use a light colored rug to divide the attention of the visitors. 

  • They Make Your Floors Comfortable

No doubt that hardwood, marble and tiles all look beautiful in houses but they are never comfortable to sit on. In a house with kids these hard floors can also be a safety hazard a lot of times. The use of carpets allows children to run around and crawl without any imminent danger and it actually allows your floors to last longer and remain clean too! For people like me who are not a fan of wearing slippers all the time, the freedom of roaming bare foot can be easily enjoyed in a home with carpets. Even in cold weather you don’t have to step on the cold floors if you have carpets since they don’t get cold or feel hard on your skin like floors.  

  • You Can Hide Imperfections 

This is not the kind of advice a professional will give to you, but if you have to manage everything in your budget every month then this is a very helpful and interesting tip. A lot of times floors get damaged due to various reasons, whether its water, termite spray holes, damage due to pressure or whatever a good rug will hide it all. According to your space you can adjust the size, color and shape of your rug. Make sure that it doesn’t look odd then everyone will move it to see what’s going on, it should blend in the room and hide any imperfections the floors have. 

  • Revamp Your Space 

Many of us have only used rugs and carpets in a smaller space, not all of us are accustomed to the idea of a full carpeted house. The best part about a carpeted house is that it completely changes the look of the house. It allows you to get rid of the old flooring without any hard work and makes your rooms look new. Especially if there is a wedding in your house and you need to ramp things up quickly go for a fully carpeted house and change how everything looks! 

  • They Absorb Sounds 

This is probably something you did not have in mind when you decided to buy a new rug but one of the great benefits of having a stylish rug in your house is muffling sounds. A thick rug especially does a great job at this, in a house with kids carpets can be a very good way to minimise the sound of those thumping feet always running around and disturbing you. Just think of your rug as an extra layer on the floor which is absorbing sound. Try using a thick rug and you’ll know what we are talking about! 

  • You Can Get Rid Of Monotonous Textures 

Just like the same colors around the whole house are not appealing, the same old white tile, light colored marble or wooden floors are no fun either. Textures are equally important in interior designing and adding a unique touch to your house. For bedrooms go for rugs with softer textures and thickness. They allow you to walk barefoot and feel very good on the skin. Similarly in your living room go for a soft one too but if you are choosing a runner for the hallways it does not need to be thick and soft since no one is going to be running barefoot over there. 

If you are thinking of making any changes in your house this might have helped you in choosing what needs to be changed about your space and what needs to be added is probably a small rug! We hope you enjoy decorating your homes as much as we love giving your tips!

Your Easy Guide To building an Outdoor Kitchen

If you are the kind of extroverted person who likes parties, family gatherings, romantic dinners for two or hosting events for children etc then an outdoor kitchen in your yard is the way to go.

Depending upon your budget, layout and needs everything in an indoor kitchen can be located outside. If you have more than enough budget, a full scale outdoor kitchen can also be done. Here are some tips to get you started on your outdoor kitchen:

1.Codes and Regulations

Before starting, be sure to speak to your local permission authorities about the building regulations in your area. The electrical and gas lines needed for the outdoor kitchen may trigger the permitting process of the department. Other than that any structure or digging required for the shelter and flooring of the kitchen will also need permission. Technicians usually visit and mark water, electrical, gas and other vital lines before starting.

2. Base for Kitchen & Utility lines

The location of your kitchen should make sense both logistically and aesthetically especially if the electrical water and other vital lines are running from the house into the kitchen. Moreover the ground should be dry, stable, and level, if the sun is creating a problem look for an area which is covered with shady trees. Likewise for more sun plan accordingly. One of the most expensive and time-consuming parts of your outdoor kitchen project would be running the utility lines. Make sure the burial is in the specified depths and correct areas. Hire good electricians, plumbing contractors, after getting permission from the local building department.

3.Shelter for the kitchen

One of the most crucial works of your project would be building a shelter over your outdoor kitchen. This will not only protect users from elements when they’re being used and when they’re not in use but also give your kitchen that outdoorsy feel. A pergola open or retractable on the top or a fabric or wood awning could be two of the good options for your shelter. Other than that you could also go for weather tight kitchens as well.

4.Install cabinets, countertops, sink and cooking area

Cabinets countertops should be made of material which is not prone to much damage with changing weather. Such as stainless steel, palette wood stone etc. We recommend making your own concrete countertops for tough countertops that will last for a long time. The method to make them would include pouring concrete into mould then flipping them over, for a smooth countertop. For more sensitive material your outdoor kitchen has to be weather tight then you can go for materials such as veneer faced plywood or butcher block.

The electrician and plumber at this point will do the GFCI outlets and also complete any gas and water supply work. This will include keeping an eye for installing sockets to keep your electronics handy. If you decide to go for alternate options that would include charcoal grills, Island barbecues, pizza ovens etc. Also when the connections are completely done you would need one final visit from the building inspector to finalize your permits.

5.Outdoor dining plan

While building an outdoor dining area be realistic about the size and type of outdoor kitchen and the budget you have. We recommend keeping it comfortable, fun and to the minimal which can be replaced or changed frequently. Furniture such as patio heaters, chairs and propane grills and stoves would be needed at the very least.

We hope these tips will help you plan your project in the most efficient way. While to make a full fledged or even a semi outdoor kitchen you will require professional help from different contractors, if there is a reduced budget convert this into a DIY project.

6 Not To Miss Interior Design Tips For Re-designing A House

With regards to planning your home to make a house there’s undiscovered greatness under the surface that meets the eye. Arranging a room and changing the highlights to make it practical yet in vogue isn’t a simple task.

From working out which paint works best in various rooms and lighting alternatives to where to put furniture – there are such countless components to consider. That is the place where an inside architect’s tips become priceless.

Regardless of whether you’re revamping a whole house, tidying up the kitchen or adding a sprinkle of shading to spruce up a lounge – these accommodating pointers are not to be missed. Following are the creative  tips and secrets to know insider information for changing homes like an expert.

Best interior design tips are:

1. Make It Your Own

Always remember it’s your home. There are no rights nor wrongs in the interior plan, everybody can possibly plan their own home. It is simply a question of getting an eye for it. Remember that you are in charge, considering the most recent patterns is beneficial however consistently put your very own twist on something to make it unique. Your house is the place where you invest the majority of your energy, so the space needs to reflect you.

2. Analyse The Look

Gather pieces as you run over them, this way you will buy things you’ve become hopelessly enamoured with. Instead of making due with what’s accessible in specific stores or online at the time you need something. This way you can invest energy breaking down the look and shades of your room with adornments. The additional time you take to add things into your home, your interior plan information will extend as you can comprehend what works best with specific highlights.

 3. Consider Colours And Fabrics

Begin designing your home on the tones you need to utilise – for the painted dividers or backdrop, furniture, blinds and window ornaments. The third tone could be a feature for cushions, lampshades, bed blankets and embellishments like a decorative spread or even an artwork.

4. Transform Old To New

In the event that you have a fresh start it’s simpler, yet more frequently we should work with existing couches or carpets and so on. Take a look at the carpet and check whether you can work with the tones inside it. Possibly you can reupholster the old most loved couch to give it another lease of life? Choose if you are somebody who prefers pattern or plain; customary or contemporary; and take a look at a shading wheel or nature itself to perceive what tones go with what. Just like making a combination of pinks and reds and whites, dark coloured patterned with the lighter ones.

 5. Size Up The Furniture

Be sure about the furniture you need in your room after doing your research. Considering the space, in a huge room you will need a big couch and footrest. Most creators suggest that even little rooms ought to have one enormous statement piece, regardless of whether it is a headboard in a room. A balance of enormous and little pieces will make an engaging living space.

6. Add Finishing Touches

The last little details are the pleasant piece. Lampshades, floor coverings, cushions, artworks and plants would all be able to have a gigantic effect, yet are once in a while difficult to pick until you have the dividers painted or papered and blinds hanging. Indeed, even the tones on the spines of books in a shelf, a toss on the rear of the couch, or in a kitchen ceramic, decorative liners, set out opportunities for accents of shading. 

If you are planning to design your house then you need to do a lot of research and keep these tips in your mind while planning as it will save you a lot of time and chance of mistakes will be less.

5 Ways To Design A Nursery On A Low Budget

Indeed babies are cute, but at the same time quite expensive even before their arrival. From furniture to room décor and crib bedding, babies have their own needs and space. If you have a tight budget and don’t want to break your bank while decorating a haven for your newborn, then don’t get troubled. There are some great ways to design a functional and inexpensive nursery for your baby. Decorating a nursery is an experience parents should cherish. Just scroll down and find out how to create the dream baby nursery within your low budget.

Reuse Things

Since you are on a budget, you should consider shopping at thrift shops and some antique stores. There are three main pieces of furniture that you need in your nursery; a crib, a dresser, and a glider. For this, vintage furniture may give an eclectic and elegant look. You can even use items that are not in your use, and if you are creative, then make good of it. Explore websites like craigslist and eBay. They often offer huge discounts on fresh or used baby items. Moreover, ask your friends and relatives if they have a spare baby item which is not in their use and borrow it. By doing so you will be saving both your money and the environment. 

Making A Comfort Zone

A lovely nursery is excellent, but if your baby doesn’t feel comfortable in it, then all the elegance will soon become unnoticeable. Bear in mind that you’re going to have a late-night feeding space for your child, so you should place the baby’s bed in the place of your room which is not a high-traffic section. Prioritize what needs are and what is comfort. You should go for comfort. Among all other considerations, a comfortable rocking chair, convenient exposure to nappies, and bottle and co are necessary items. Skip the costly bedsheets and buy some fitted sheets with cartoons printed on them and a crib skirt to make your room complete.  

Decorate Room

Paints are very cheap and can give a completely new look to your room. Try to be flexible while choosing colors. Turn white or beige with some neutral color and apply some colorful wall decal. These cheap wall decorations are reusable, enabling you to re-customize your baby’s room depending on your need. You may also choose something a little more discreet and paint a matching color on the window and door trims. It’s a perfect way for a nursery to decorate when you are on a tight budget and something you can do independently. All you need are some paint shades, painter’s tape, and a brush. Greenery makes it all look more fanciful. Buy some cheap fresh plants or faux ones and put them around your room. This will add some colors and life to your room.

Low-cost Storage

Parenting especially, when you are new to it, can be stressful and frustrating. Therefore, you do not want anything in the nursery that adds to it, such as cluttered clothes and toys. Get some cheap and decorative yarn baskets that you can place over the floor or on shelves. Instead of purchasing a costly dresser, you can use a bookcase with baskets or fabric storage bins to put toys, clothing, and other accessories in it. Consider a few IKEA shelves to tuck away toys and clothes. Wooden wall shelves are low-priced, consider getting some of them to place baby’s toys and other essential items.

Colourful Lighting

Light is one of the most essential features in your baby’s room. Try not to get highly illuminated light because usually, babies get irritated with those lights. Opt for some colorful lights. This will also make the room beautiful. There are a few creative DIYs that can be complete without making any hole in your wallet. Get some floral metal baskets and remove unnecessary handles and attach a bulb, and fit it upside down. Just think out of the box, and you will be surprised that you can turn anything into lamps. 

The Importance Of Mirrors In Interior Designing

When it comes to interior designing mirrors have become a very important part of the new aesthetic. The definition and space that it adds to all rooms at the same time is a very distinct feature of this decor item. I for one love mirrors because they’re a constant reminder of the confidence and beauty that we carry with ourselves each day and the effect of time on us; however, what we don’t see is the effect that we have on others. We see what we sometimes don’t want to see but the reality is hidden deep under the abyss of the reflection that we don’t even see. Philosophy aside there are multiple reasons that mirrors are used in homes. 

Let’s find out some of the most pressing reasons why mirrors are an interior design essential! 

Addition Of Light 

One of the best things about a mirror is its ability to reflect light back and add natural light in a dim area. If you have a room in your house which doesn’t get enough natural sunlight then adding a mirror to this room is the best thing you can do. It will naturally bounce and reflect the light that there is to make the room look well lit. If the room does not even have a small window then make sure the mirror is placed in such a direction that it reflects light from your table lamps or wall mounted lights. More light may not be as good in a smaller room the illusion of light that the mirror’s reflection creates is better for the outlook. 

Focal Point 

Creating a focal point in any room is a little difficult and especially using expensive decoration pieces is not everyone’s piece of cake. For example a full mirror on a wall can always let you see yourself on your way out. It will also reflect your exceptional flooring and other accents to make it outshine everything. Single handedly a mirror with metal frames and circular convex mirrors in an arrangement can easily take the attention of everyone. To further enhance this mirror setting a little more add a flower vase or some rustic lanterns to make it stand out. 

Spacious Rooms 

In addition to the mirrors ability to add light and a focal point to a room they also have the ability to make your rooms look more spacious. Especially in a smaller room using large mirrors on walls or doors can easily give the illusion of a more spacious area. Just the mere reflection powers of the mirror are the biggest reason that they just make everything look better. Sometimes it’s really impossible to not add furniture in a room so in situations like these try mirrors on the back of the door or walls, the ambiance of spaciousness that it will create is ideal to make your room spacious. 

Now you know why interior designers always prefer to add mirrors wherever they can. If you don’t have the assistance of a professional here are some of the best places in your house where you can use mirrors. 


Usually hallways are not lit well enough so using a mirror to reflect whatever light is there is a good way to make it bright. Also on your way out getting a view of you and your outfit can save you from a lot of wardrobe malfunctions. 

Dark Walls 

Dark walls often feel like the walls are closing down on you, with a mirror’s reflective power this closing down effect can easily be cut down. It will reflect the room and give the wall a different glow. 


A mirror reflecting the glowing flames of a fireplace, just imagine! There can be nothing better than this i’m sure! Let’s not even go into why do you really need to put it there. 

A myriad of problems in your house can be hidden with beautiful mirrors! If you are smart enough you can use these mirrors to do almost anything and everything to improve the aesthetic of your home! 

Everything You Should Know about Custom Cabinets

Who does not want the good and affordable cabinets in their kitchen? Other than organizing compartments and following the great shading plan, it’s the utilization of custom cabinetry that makes everything work consistently! It’s a lot simpler for property holders to remain coordinated if their cabinetry is intelligently built for each room’s particular requirements.

Custom cabinetry functions admirably in numerous rooms, from kitchens to restrooms to pantries and more. Cabinets provide you with a reliable type of capacity that can consistently blend into the look and feel you’re attempting to make in a room. With endless styles and value ranges accessible to you, there’s no reason to settle with regards to custom cabinetry.

Here’s the means by which another set of custom cabinets can help light up your living space.

Custom Cabinetry For The Kitchen

At the point when you consider household cabinets, you for the most part think about the kitchen. Since you invest the majority of your energy planning and eating dinners with your family in this room, it bodes well to have the cabinets compliment the relaxing ambiance you would prefer to accomplish.

Kitchen cabinets and wash rooms commonly store a wide scope of things – dishes, china, dry fixings like flavors and sauces, more modest machines and gear like espresso creators, microwaves, and cookbooks. Some even store their children’s school supplies, so mother or father can assist with schoolwork while they cook. This is the reason it’s imperative to take stock of your necessities and needs prior to getting custom cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Whenever you’ve settled and on your needs constantly, it’s an ideal opportunity to consider the kind of cabinets you ought to get. Pick a kitchen cabinet style that finds a place with the overall look of your home. Here are probably the most famous ones:

·         The customary style, which will in general withstand the trial of time, is portrayed by impartial tones, glass sheets, and ornamental embellishment.

·         The contemporary look includes straight lines, moderate plans, level fronts, and matte completes instead of gleaming ones. Contemporary cupboards typically don’t accompany handles or knobs. The doors and organizers are enormous, as opposed to having numerous more modest ones. This is frequently the kind of cabinet framework you find in magazines.

·         The Modern plan varies from contemporary plan, however the two do share a few attributes. Kitchen cabinets in present day kitchens have basic, smooth lines to make a warm and welcoming feeling with the blend of cabinet colors utilized. Different styles exist as well, from flashy to rustic. Search for different kitchen cabinet style articles to see what look turns out best for your next kitchen redesign.


Since kitchen cabinets are utilized so regularly, you need to pick materials that can withstand knocks and scratches.

  Wood. This choice is a strong long term decision that has an timeless look to it. Regardless of whether you pick pine, maple, oak, or something more colorful, you can anticipate a characteristic and strong cabinet framework.

 Melamine. Melamine is a combination of paper, tar, and wood. This alternative is the least expensive one and is additionally simple to keep up. While it can imitate the presence of wood, it’s additionally rather delicate and inclined to scratching. You can relieve the harm with a polyester film. Approach your contractor for the most ideal ways to protect and maintain these cabinets.

 Lacquered cabinets. This alternative uses a pine fiber and finish to make a reflective (regularly white) present day appearance. Lacquered cabinets are quite easy to clean and maintain and normally last for a long time. You should be set up to clean more frequently, as these cabinets attract fingerprints easily.

Custom cabinets are a good option if you are planning to renovate your kitchen, as there are many options ranging from style, type to color. You can contact a professional team to make the process of renovation easy and stress free.


As we close out 10 years set apart by interior design patterns going from midcentury to Memphis-roused, we have our eyes set on what are the trends that are being loved in 2020. As the year is about to end, it does not mean that these trends will vanish. These trends will stay for a while as people are enjoying designing their homes according to the following interior design trends. Curves are having a moment—regardless of whether we are discussing designs made with freestyle shapes, furniture, or entryways and characteristic materials (like wood, materials, and cane) are appearing everywhere in the home in current ways. Read on to see the trends that are IN now a days.

1. Built-In Seating

Be it a window-side perch with an incredible view or comfortable reading space, seating that is inherent adds character to a room and can be a magnificent space-sparing method. Fun design details like this will have a pivotal turning point in coming years. It provides both comfort and looks modern as well.

2. Arches

Another design detail that is blossoming is the arch—explicitly bended entryways and windows that channel Greece’s cavern houses. The pared-down treatment is smooth and clean-lined without lavish enumerating. Not prepared to focus on basic changes at home? Give this pattern a try with an angled divider mirror.

3. Fat Furniture

Breathtaking shapes are additionally accepting structure as furniture. Upholstered pieces like couches, divans, and periodic seats are being reconsidered in undulating, and in some cases topsy-turvy, designs that vibe enlivened by style from the ’70s. In 2020, rounded is the new right point. They enhance the overall look of the home.

4. Organic Shapes

While freestyle designs have been picking up in force, we foresee that this is the year the theme hits a breaking point. Natural shapes are appearing on everything from shower mats to candles. We are particularly simply loving the assortment of hand-tufted carpets named  which feel more like conceptual masterpieces than floor covers.

5. Modern Wood Paneling

While wood framing does not quickly infer a cutting edge home, it appears to be that opinion is going to change. Done in a thin, slatted style or applied at fascinating points, wood dividers can really feel new and unfussy. What’s more, no room is forbidden—particularly restrooms and kitchens, where wood framing brings a glow that is unforeseen and regularly inadequate. This trend is being followed quite a lot lately.

6. Fiber Art

For quite a long while at this point, fiber craftsmen have been indicating their work at compelling artwork displays and fairs, yet in 2020 we have seen this kind of craftsmanship—unpredictably woven embroideries, extravagantly hitched macramé pieces—advance into the home.

7. Statement Tiles

After the proliferation of white tram tile during the most recent decade, it is just regular that the pendulum would swing the other way. Enter statement tile. We are seeing intense, designed tile being utilized in both little (simply a backsplash) and enormous (floor-to-roof restrooms) ways.

8. Indoor Gardens

Thinking about the popularity of indoor plants and living walls in current times, it does not shock anyone that green thumbs would need to take their plant propensity to the following level with an indoor garden. These little scope plots bring the outside and allow people to commune with nature from the comfort of their own home. It also enhances the beauty of the space.

9. Cane Detailing

Regular, woven materials as rattan furniture, seagrass pendant lights, and jute floor coverings have overwhelmed the interior design world, however all patterns have an evolution. This one’s subsequent demonstration is about cane detailing, which you will be seeing utilized on present day furniture like CB2’s Nadia seat and Target’s Minsmere console.

10. Decorated ceilings 

Decorated roofs are another way contrast can be consolidated into a room. There is no better surface for backdrop since it won’t get harmed and the enormous field of room makes for a genuinely sensational component of any room. We have been seeing decorated roofs in powder rooms and hope to see more in rooms and living spaces in the coming year. Decorated ceilings with plain solid painted walls is a modern combination that looks extremely good and modern.

How To Remodel Your Outdoor Kitchen On A Limited Budget

Having an outdoor kitchen has become the new cool thing and everyone seems to want one in their homes. It’s a great place to have outdoor summer parties or even if you just want to sit and relax with your family in the evening and eat some tasty pasta. 

The cost required for remodeling your outdoor kitchen basically depends on the type of kitchen you want. You can minimize the costs according to your budget limit and other priorities. If you want to remodel your outdoor kitchen into a much stylish and entertaining kitchen, you’ll need to hire a professional kitchen remodeler.  

A word of caution, remodeling your kitchen might cost you as much as an Ivy League school but it’s up to you how you manage to minimize the costs. Normally kitchen remodelling is easily one of the most expensive home renovations. The material required is costly and the labor is even more expensive but it’s all up to you on how you manage it. 

Here are a few tips that you can follow in order to minimize the costs for your kitchen remodeling – all the while making it much more stylish than it already is. 

Concrete counter

Concrete counters are the best option for outdoor kitchens. They are solid and can withstand harsh weather so you won’t have to worry about them getting cracked. If you’re going to use concrete counters you’re going to have your kitchen remodeler to design shelves as well. 

While you’re planning the concrete counter, make sure you leave ample space for the grill as well. These concrete counters are a must have and they’re not even too expensive. They’re the perfect fit for your outdoor kitchen given they have high durability and a long lifespan.

If you think the concrete counters are looking a bit rough, you always have the option of adding a glass top to make it more posh and clean. Again, you’ll have to bear with no extra expenses and your counter is ready. 


The grill is kind of an essential part of the kitchen and you can’t compromise on that. It has to be of an excellent quality, you simply can’t go with a cheap one. But the good thing is that it’s a one time investment, once you get a top quality grill, it’ll go for a long time and you won’t have to replace it multiple times.

Think of it as a long term benefit, investing in a good quality grill should be your utmost priority. You’re saving yourself from frequent grill replacements and unnecessary expenses. But we have a suggestion for cutting down the expenses while purchasing a top quality grill. You can go for a charcoal grill because in that way you can avoid the electricity expenses. 

Even if you want to go for an electric grill, a propane grill is a reasonable option as it’s of a good quality and consumes fewer units as well, hence resulting in lower electricity bills. 

Seating arrangement

Seating area is one of the few things that you can control and manage depending on your budget. It’s totally up to you on how lavish you want to make it. But if you’re facing budget constraints then having a simple seating area is perfect.

If you want to make your outdoor kitchen more fashionable and in conformity with the latest trends then opting for a bar height seating is a good option. Less expense, more style. You can always take some excellent suggestions from the kitchen remodeler on how to make your kitchen look more appealing.


And don’t forget about the concrete floors! This makes a huge difference. You want a floor that will look stellar. There are so many options like grinding your concrete, or staining the floors or even adding epoxy. I saw some really cool examples of concrete epoxy floors here that could be awesome for all year around.

These tips will help you remodel your outdoor kitchen on a limited budget and add a curb appeal to it.

A step by step guide to transform your Bedroom

Your safe space within your home and often your getaway from the family drama, your room is a small home for you inside your house.

After a long tiring day all you want is to go to your room and just chill! But has the color of your room, your dull curtains and the unappealing aesthetic of the room put you off? Enough, to ruin your mood and make you want to run away again? It often happens when we get busy in our routines that we don’t pay attention to the small details that are going to make a significant different in our life. The setting of your room matters a lot. The better it looks, the better you always feel looking at it. Who ever got happy seeing a messy room?

Here is a step by step guide to fix your boring bedroom!

1.  Change What Makes The Most Impact

Probably for every room this is the paint. Depending on what you prefer chose a tone of color and then try two different shades of that tone in your room. So, if you chose grey, then one wall can be dark grey to make that style statement and paint all the others light grey. This pop of color in your room, will sure make an impact on anyone who enters this room!

2.  Pay Attention To The Windows

Even if it’s a small one, pay attention! They alleviate the whole mood to another level if they compliment your room! Pick out a statement fabric or go for solid colors if your room already has some design filled bedsheets. Bright colors are one of the best choices.

3.  Lamps Are So 2012!

Hanging statement pendant lights right above your side tables is the new way to go! 2020 (other than the pandemic) is all about getting creative and trying new thing. Go to your nearest electronics store and find pendant lights that go well with you room, if you can’t decide on a color black or white are always in fashion.

4.  Make Your Bed The Star Of The Room

It’s called bedroom for a reason! Keep it minimalist or go all out, that depends on you but make sure what ever you do your bed stands out. A simple DIY to make your bed the star could be to change the background. Add a tapestry, a classical painting, maybe a neon light! Anything you want, try new things, things that make you happy.

5.  Have A Reading Or Relaxation Corner

An easy chair or a comfortable bean bag put this in a corner or near your window, a small reading corner and sitting space is necessary. This place provides you a small getaway in your room, put your phone away for a while and enjoy your me time in this corner.

6.  Have Plenty Of Storage

The only thing that ruins your mood and your room is the clutter. Incorporate storage in the form of a big dressing table or a storage rack. To make that storage look better, you can decorate it with mirrors and some indoor plants. The cute little cactus potters are perfect for any room. Keep replacing your decorations to make it a vibrant space in your room.

7.  Decorate Your Walls

YouTube is filled with the best DIY videos, and if that is too hard for you spend some extra cash and find some frames, some cute dreamcatchers, maybe some posters from your favorite movies. Anything that you like can fill your walls. Try out something new and make some DIY decorations. You will love the end-product made by your own hands.

Good luck adding life to your boring bedroom!

Home care in Coronavirus times: yes, but without educators

Home care in Coronavirus times: yes, but without educators

We were among the first to clamored for a “central measure” for the temporary closure of day and semi-residential centers for the disabled, in the presence of this Coronavirus emergency. They appeared to us as potential epidemic outbreaks: for the characteristics of vulnerability and fragility of users often compromised by debilitating diseases and for the impossibility of the same to observe self-protective prescriptions. Unfortunately, the news now proves us right: the problem has clearly been overlooked.

There is a first victim, the youngest of the Covid-19 deceased in Italy so far. It is a disabled boy who attended the day center “Il gabbiano” in Brescia, where an educator had tested positive at Covid-19. To his family, friends and friends of his center, colleagues and colleagues, our condolences and our solidarity go. Confcooperative and Legacoop Lombardia go so far as to say that 30% of their operators (presumably educators, oss) are sick or in quarantine. In the region hit first and hardest, timely directives were lacking and the choices on the closures were left to the managing bodies, not to say “discharged onto them”.

We believe that a provision for temporary suspension of the day centers of the Lombardy Region is, albeit late, urgent and can no longer be postponed. Finally, even family associations are clamoring for the temporary closure of day and semi-residential centers. Requesting replacement home interventions. Reasonable location. We believe that home interventions should be identified only for cases of extreme necessity, where the family is unable to bear the care and health burden of the disabled family member. Such interventions should therefore have purely nursing or care characteristics. We imagine that professional nurses and OSs are involved in these interventions, provided they are equipped with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment. Devices that are almost everywhere missing entirely or in short supply in the structures we are talking about.

Home interventions should respond to criteria of urgency, indifference and necessity: related to the sphere of the person’s physical health. We therefore believe that in this context educational activities by professional educators of day centers must be suspended (and re-evaluated those in residential services, limiting them to the essential where they cannot be temporarily interrupted). We also believe that EPs are not the deputies for home surgery during an unprecedented health emergency in the past hundred years.

For this reason, we also contest a position taken by the Presidents of the Commission of the register and the Tsrm Psrtp of Turin, Aosta, Alessandria, respectively Dr. Graziano Lomagistro and Dr. Floriana Simeone. The aforementioned register commission «urges and supports all initiatives to involve professional educators who work in schools in territorial education. In the application of their skills and in the provision of educational resources to support home interventions that require didactic, educational and relational support ». We understand the reasons and noble principles that inspired this stance, but we believe that at this juncture the risks of spreading the virus would be higher than the benefits,

The fact that part of the professional educators today falls within the definition of “health profession” does not make these operators experts in hygiene and prophylaxis, nor paramedical figures. It should also be added that, to our knowledge, no service has been registered differences in behavior (or in the imposition of behavior by employers) between EPs of the two distinct profiles (socio-sanitary and socio-pedagogical).

Home safety: some tips to help the elderly

Home safety: some tips to help the elderly

We have already seen, in this article , how to improve the livability of the elderly in an important environment such as the bedroom. Now let’s move our gaze to the rest of the house , with a series of suggestions that allow not only to secure the rooms , but also to improve the quality of life. Let’s start with some indications that apply to all rooms in the house.

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Make rooms bright

Seniors who have vision problems are much more at risk of accidents . Make sure that the areas near the entrances, corridors and stairs are well lit, and add brighter lights or more lights if necessary. The switches could be phosphorescent to be easier to locate.

Facilitate or, conversely, limit access to doors and windows for the elderly as needed

Let’s start with the first case. In the event that the elderly parent suffers from arthritis , even a simple movement that we could take for granted like turning the window handles can be difficult. In this case, a lever-shaped handle is more suitable than a round one. Conversely, if the elderly parent suffers from dementia or has another type of cognitive impairment, then it is essential to limit access to the outside, and keep dangerous items (chemicals, detergents, medicines) out of their reach. In this case, childproof security products work well for the purpose.

Favor mobility

A piece of advice that we had already proposed in the case of the bedroom and which is confirmed as valid. It is important to make it easier for the elderly parent to move around the house. Then remove rugs or threads where it could trip, and in general anything that can be a danger or an obstacle (for example, a child’s toys). Another tip is to place a bench near the door , where to place any bags when coming from outside or where to sit to put on your shoes. A high stool in the kitchen allows you to cook while standing while in the bathroom , generally the most dangerous room in the house, a shower cabin with a handrail is more suitable.

Ask for help easily

Despite all these preventions, the accident can still happen. At that moment, asking for help must be simple and immediate. In this case, consider using a tool of immediate assistance that the elderly can lead to neck or wrist with which it can ask for help by pressing a button. The mobile phone is now an indispensable tool, which even the elderly should have.


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