Having an outdoor kitchen has become the new cool thing and everyone seems to want one in their homes. It’s a great place to have outdoor summer parties or even if you just want to sit and relax with your family in the evening and eat some tasty pasta. 

The cost required for remodeling your outdoor kitchen basically depends on the type of kitchen you want. You can minimize the costs according to your budget limit and other priorities. If you want to remodel your outdoor kitchen into a much stylish and entertaining kitchen, you’ll need to hire a professional kitchen remodeler.  

A word of caution, remodeling your kitchen might cost you as much as an Ivy League school but it’s up to you how you manage to minimize the costs. Normally kitchen remodelling is easily one of the most expensive home renovations. The material required is costly and the labor is even more expensive but it’s all up to you on how you manage it. 

Here are a few tips that you can follow in order to minimize the costs for your kitchen remodeling – all the while making it much more stylish than it already is. 

Concrete counter

Concrete counters are the best option for outdoor kitchens. They are solid and can withstand harsh weather so you won’t have to worry about them getting cracked. If you’re going to use concrete counters you’re going to have your kitchen remodeler to design shelves as well. 

While you’re planning the concrete counter, make sure you leave ample space for the grill as well. These concrete counters are a must have and they’re not even too expensive. They’re the perfect fit for your outdoor kitchen given they have high durability and a long lifespan.

If you think the concrete counters are looking a bit rough, you always have the option of adding a glass top to make it more posh and clean. Again, you’ll have to bear with no extra expenses and your counter is ready. 


The grill is kind of an essential part of the kitchen and you can’t compromise on that. It has to be of an excellent quality, you simply can’t go with a cheap one. But the good thing is that it’s a one time investment, once you get a top quality grill, it’ll go for a long time and you won’t have to replace it multiple times.

Think of it as a long term benefit, investing in a good quality grill should be your utmost priority. You’re saving yourself from frequent grill replacements and unnecessary expenses. But we have a suggestion for cutting down the expenses while purchasing a top quality grill. You can go for a charcoal grill because in that way you can avoid the electricity expenses. 

Even if you want to go for an electric grill, a propane grill is a reasonable option as it’s of a good quality and consumes fewer units as well, hence resulting in lower electricity bills. 

Seating arrangement

Seating area is one of the few things that you can control and manage depending on your budget. It’s totally up to you on how lavish you want to make it. But if you’re facing budget constraints then having a simple seating area is perfect.

If you want to make your outdoor kitchen more fashionable and in conformity with the latest trends then opting for a bar height seating is a good option. Less expense, more style. You can always take some excellent suggestions from the kitchen remodeler on how to make your kitchen look more appealing.


And don’t forget about the concrete floors! This makes a huge difference. You want a floor that will look stellar. There are so many options like grinding your concrete, or staining the floors or even adding epoxy. I saw some really cool examples of concrete epoxy floors here that could be awesome for all year around.

These tips will help you remodel your outdoor kitchen on a limited budget and add a curb appeal to it.