We have already seen, in this article , how to improve the livability of the elderly in an important environment such as the bedroom. Now let’s move our gaze to the rest of the house , with a series of suggestions that allow not only to secure the rooms , but also to improve the quality of life. Let’s start with some indications that apply to all rooms in the house.

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Make rooms bright

Seniors who have vision problems are much more at risk of accidents . Make sure that the areas near the entrances, corridors and stairs are well lit, and add brighter lights or more lights if necessary. The switches could be phosphorescent to be easier to locate.

Facilitate or, conversely, limit access to doors and windows for the elderly as needed

Let’s start with the first case. In the event that the elderly parent suffers from arthritis , even a simple movement that we could take for granted like turning the window handles can be difficult. In this case, a lever-shaped handle is more suitable than a round one. Conversely, if the elderly parent suffers from dementia or has another type of cognitive impairment, then it is essential to limit access to the outside, and keep dangerous items (chemicals, detergents, medicines) out of their reach. In this case, childproof security products work well for the purpose.

Favor mobility

A piece of advice that we had already proposed in the case of the bedroom and which is confirmed as valid. It is important to make it easier for the elderly parent to move around the house. Then remove rugs or threads where it could trip, and in general anything that can be a danger or an obstacle (for example, a child’s toys). Another tip is to place a bench near the door , where to place any bags when coming from outside or where to sit to put on your shoes. A high stool in the kitchen allows you to cook while standing while in the bathroom , generally the most dangerous room in the house, a shower cabin with a handrail is more suitable.

Ask for help easily

Despite all these preventions, the accident can still happen. At that moment, asking for help must be simple and immediate. In this case, consider using a tool of immediate assistance that the elderly can lead to neck or wrist with which it can ask for help by pressing a button. The mobile phone is now an indispensable tool, which even the elderly should have.