Your safe space within your home and often your getaway from the family drama, your room is a small home for you inside your house.

After a long tiring day all you want is to go to your room and just chill! But has the color of your room, your dull curtains and the unappealing aesthetic of the room put you off? Enough, to ruin your mood and make you want to run away again? It often happens when we get busy in our routines that we don’t pay attention to the small details that are going to make a significant different in our life. The setting of your room matters a lot. The better it looks, the better you always feel looking at it. Who ever got happy seeing a messy room?

Here is a step by step guide to fix your boring bedroom!

1.  Change What Makes The Most Impact

Probably for every room this is the paint. Depending on what you prefer chose a tone of color and then try two different shades of that tone in your room. So, if you chose grey, then one wall can be dark grey to make that style statement and paint all the others light grey. This pop of color in your room, will sure make an impact on anyone who enters this room!

2.  Pay Attention To The Windows

Even if it’s a small one, pay attention! They alleviate the whole mood to another level if they compliment your room! Pick out a statement fabric or go for solid colors if your room already has some design filled bedsheets. Bright colors are one of the best choices.

3.  Lamps Are So 2012!

Hanging statement pendant lights right above your side tables is the new way to go! 2020 (other than the pandemic) is all about getting creative and trying new thing. Go to your nearest electronics store and find pendant lights that go well with you room, if you can’t decide on a color black or white are always in fashion.

4.  Make Your Bed The Star Of The Room

It’s called bedroom for a reason! Keep it minimalist or go all out, that depends on you but make sure what ever you do your bed stands out. A simple DIY to make your bed the star could be to change the background. Add a tapestry, a classical painting, maybe a neon light! Anything you want, try new things, things that make you happy.

5.  Have A Reading Or Relaxation Corner

An easy chair or a comfortable bean bag put this in a corner or near your window, a small reading corner and sitting space is necessary. This place provides you a small getaway in your room, put your phone away for a while and enjoy your me time in this corner.

6.  Have Plenty Of Storage

The only thing that ruins your mood and your room is the clutter. Incorporate storage in the form of a big dressing table or a storage rack. To make that storage look better, you can decorate it with mirrors and some indoor plants. The cute little cactus potters are perfect for any room. Keep replacing your decorations to make it a vibrant space in your room.

7.  Decorate Your Walls

YouTube is filled with the best DIY videos, and if that is too hard for you spend some extra cash and find some frames, some cute dreamcatchers, maybe some posters from your favorite movies. Anything that you like can fill your walls. Try out something new and make some DIY decorations. You will love the end-product made by your own hands.

Good luck adding life to your boring bedroom!