Whenever we try to redecorate a space the first thing we think about is changing our rush and carpets and for all the right reasons! They play such an essential role in setting the mood for your rooms especially if it is a statement rug. I absolutely love the versatility they have in terms of size, shape, color and designs and how they can accurately fit into any room. This game changer is also available in a variety of cultures with completely different designs and production techniques often setting their prices a little too high, but let me tell you the highly priced afghani and turkish carpets are worth all your money! The exquisite details and their intricacies are the real winners. 

Here are 6 more reasons why carpets make your house look like a perfectly well-dressed outfit! 

  • They Allow You To Add Color 

There may be many ways to add color to a room but the way a carpet lights up a room from the very core of it is absolutely stunning. If you have a dark colored room or a very light neutral colored room you can choose a colorful rug to add the dash of color that is missing from your room and conversely if your room is already too loud then use the carpet to mute the colors a little. Use a light colored rug to divide the attention of the visitors. 

  • They Make Your Floors Comfortable

No doubt that hardwood, marble and tiles all look beautiful in houses but they are never comfortable to sit on. In a house with kids these hard floors can also be a safety hazard a lot of times. The use of carpets allows children to run around and crawl without any imminent danger and it actually allows your floors to last longer and remain clean too! For people like me who are not a fan of wearing slippers all the time, the freedom of roaming bare foot can be easily enjoyed in a home with carpets. Even in cold weather you don’t have to step on the cold floors if you have carpets since they don’t get cold or feel hard on your skin like floors.  

  • You Can Hide Imperfections 

This is not the kind of advice a professional will give to you, but if you have to manage everything in your budget every month then this is a very helpful and interesting tip. A lot of times floors get damaged due to various reasons, whether its water, termite spray holes, damage due to pressure or whatever a good rug will hide it all. According to your space you can adjust the size, color and shape of your rug. Make sure that it doesn’t look odd then everyone will move it to see what’s going on, it should blend in the room and hide any imperfections the floors have. 

  • Revamp Your Space 

Many of us have only used rugs and carpets in a smaller space, not all of us are accustomed to the idea of a full carpeted house. The best part about a carpeted house is that it completely changes the look of the house. It allows you to get rid of the old flooring without any hard work and makes your rooms look new. Especially if there is a wedding in your house and you need to ramp things up quickly go for a fully carpeted house and change how everything looks! 

  • They Absorb Sounds 

This is probably something you did not have in mind when you decided to buy a new rug but one of the great benefits of having a stylish rug in your house is muffling sounds. A thick rug especially does a great job at this, in a house with kids carpets can be a very good way to minimise the sound of those thumping feet always running around and disturbing you. Just think of your rug as an extra layer on the floor which is absorbing sound. Try using a thick rug and you’ll know what we are talking about! 

  • You Can Get Rid Of Monotonous Textures 

Just like the same colors around the whole house are not appealing, the same old white tile, light colored marble or wooden floors are no fun either. Textures are equally important in interior designing and adding a unique touch to your house. For bedrooms go for rugs with softer textures and thickness. They allow you to walk barefoot and feel very good on the skin. Similarly in your living room go for a soft one too but if you are choosing a runner for the hallways it does not need to be thick and soft since no one is going to be running barefoot over there. 

If you are thinking of making any changes in your house this might have helped you in choosing what needs to be changed about your space and what needs to be added is probably a small rug! We hope you enjoy decorating your homes as much as we love giving your tips!