Indeed babies are cute, but at the same time quite expensive even before their arrival. From furniture to room d├ęcor and crib bedding, babies have their own needs and space. If you have a tight budget and don’t want to break your bank while decorating a haven for your newborn, then don’t get troubled. There are some great ways to design a functional and inexpensive nursery for your baby. Decorating a nursery is an experience parents should cherish. Just scroll down and find out how to create the dream baby nursery within your low budget.

Reuse Things

Since you are on a budget, you should consider shopping at thrift shops and some antique stores. There are three main pieces of furniture that you need in your nursery; a crib, a dresser, and a glider. For this, vintage furniture may give an eclectic and elegant look. You can even use items that are not in your use, and if you are creative, then make good of it. Explore websites like craigslist and eBay. They often offer huge discounts on fresh or used baby items. Moreover, ask your friends and relatives if they have a spare baby item which is not in their use and borrow it. By doing so you will be saving both your money and the environment. 

Making A Comfort Zone

A lovely nursery is excellent, but if your baby doesn’t feel comfortable in it, then all the elegance will soon become unnoticeable. Bear in mind that you’re going to have a late-night feeding space for your child, so you should place the baby’s bed in the place of your room which is not a high-traffic section. Prioritize what needs are and what is comfort. You should go for comfort. Among all other considerations, a comfortable rocking chair, convenient exposure to nappies, and bottle and co are necessary items. Skip the costly bedsheets and buy some fitted sheets with cartoons printed on them and a crib skirt to make your room complete.  

Decorate Room

Paints are very cheap and can give a completely new look to your room. Try to be flexible while choosing colors. Turn white or beige with some neutral color and apply some colorful wall decal. These cheap wall decorations are reusable, enabling you to re-customize your baby’s room depending on your need. You may also choose something a little more discreet and paint a matching color on the window and door trims. It’s a perfect way for a nursery to decorate when you are on a tight budget and something you can do independently. All you need are some paint shades, painter’s tape, and a brush. Greenery makes it all look more fanciful. Buy some cheap fresh plants or faux ones and put them around your room. This will add some colors and life to your room.

Low-cost Storage

Parenting especially, when you are new to it, can be stressful and frustrating. Therefore, you do not want anything in the nursery that adds to it, such as cluttered clothes and toys. Get some cheap and decorative yarn baskets that you can place over the floor or on shelves. Instead of purchasing a costly dresser, you can use a bookcase with baskets or fabric storage bins to put toys, clothing, and other accessories in it. Consider a few IKEA shelves to tuck away toys and clothes. Wooden wall shelves are low-priced, consider getting some of them to place baby’s toys and other essential items.

Colourful Lighting

Light is one of the most essential features in your baby’s room. Try not to get highly illuminated light because usually, babies get irritated with those lights. Opt for some colorful lights. This will also make the room beautiful. There are a few creative DIYs that can be complete without making any hole in your wallet. Get some floral metal baskets and remove unnecessary handles and attach a bulb, and fit it upside down. Just think out of the box, and you will be surprised that you can turn anything into lamps.