As colder months get near, you can prepare home for the winter, making it cozy and warmer. Sometimes our mood takes turns with the weather, so to charge up your mood and feel a warm atmosphere around you, let’s revamp your living space to make it a charming and inviting place. Below are some amazing and inspiring cozy living room ideas to start with:

1. Colors and Texture 

Unique blending and balance of colors are skills that you need to master first.  Achieving the perfect and harmonious balance of pattern and color is a great factor in a winter living room’s success. “When combining different patterns, the secret is to use different scales. It is only then that each pattern can breathe and not fight against its surroundings,” says Kit Kemp, interior designer and founder of Firmdale Hotels. 

For a snowy calm look, you can go with the whites rather than grey. However, if you are more drawn towards a cozy and warmer atmosphere, then choose warm earthy shades such as camels, beautiful browns, and soft sandy tones. If you are going for dark walls then brighten up with colorful accessories to keep the dullness away.  

2. Fireplace Decoration

The fireplace is the depression-free zone in the winter season. It is also the main gathering point of a winter living room. It is a place where family and friends sit down for relaxed and warmer evenings. So rearrange sofas and seating arrangements. Even if it is not in use yet, you can still decorate its area with winter accessories. Add some winter accessories like blankets, ornamented pillow throws, and cushions on top of sofas and armchairs for more comfort and cozy experiences. 

Add layers of curtains to maintain a calm winter spirit as it blocks the chills of the cold weather, and the fabric softness adds more warmth to the space. Wooden furniture is close to nature. Hence, by placing it around the fireplace, they naturally add warmness yet make it stylish at the same time. 

3. Natural Atmosphere

Decorate your living room with exquisite greenery for natural sights. Greenery inside the home helps to calm down the depressive atmosphere in every season. Furthermore, it helps in keeping the environment fresh and clean. Choosing green plants and pots can help you create a more suitable atmosphere in your living room in winter. However, keep in mind that colorful flowers will not go with the flow with the winter season, but colorful fruits do. 

In addition, you can place winter fruits on the table in the middle of the living room to support the natural environment. It will not only give a pleasant view to the room, but also match it with the winter theme. One more thing, do not forget the oranges! You can also place big paintings of beautiful sceneries showing natural landscapes and waterfalls on the walls.  

4. Living Room Lightning

As winter days are short, the living room should be well lit. To increase lighting without adding too much lighting equipment the trick is to use a mirror. It will maximize the amount of natural light in a room by projecting the winter sun throughout the room and increasing brightness in the space. In addition, lighting equipment also plays a great role through its delicate shapes and function. Having different light sources will help you achieve a perfect environment in both day and night zones.

Use Floor lamps to bring lights into dark corners. They are very supportive elements for brightening up dark spots in the room on winter nights. If you get a fancy kind, then they will play a dual role by not just being the lighting equipment but also a decorative accessory that adds beauty to the cozy atmosphere. You can also add candles. It is one of the most popular living room items during winter and creates a beautiful sophisticated atmosphere. 

So here are some of the essential ideas, but there are plenty more ways to make your living room feel cozier and more inviting. Choices matter and create a huge difference. The way you choose colors to go with, furniture types and placements, lighting placements, and off course add-ons accessories – all have a major impact on the outcome of your living space.