Home renovation designs take decades to change but the recent changes in the world that includes, the pandemic, future of work, and remote working have entirely changed our everyday dynamics and put us behind the walls, in our homes. These changes called for a better and healthy lifestyle that focused on healthy eating, exercising, eco-friendly homes, electric cars, paperless offices, and a world with fewer carbon footprints. As more time is bound to be spent at home due to the change in world dynamics, people called for a holistic approach when it comes to their homes, and an environment-friendly, breathable, light-toned, more green, and energy-efficient home designs are desired that are equally inviting, appealing and trendy. Let’s have a look at the number of trends that must be part of your upcoming home renovation project. 

Building Work Sanctuaries At Home 

Recent research has concluded that more than 35% of the world’s employees will be remote working from their homes by 2025 which is approximately 85% of an increase since 2020. All thanks to mobile communications, flexible working schedules, and entrepreneurship that raises the inclusion of a dedicated work sanctuary in our homes. So one of the latest trends of home remodeling is to convert, build or transform any vacant bedroom or space into a workspace or a home office. The idea is to create a functional space or nook that can be both used for working or living purposes and has furniture and storage that is convertible or hidden, the walls with sound insulation, fresh air, and bright lights to improve the focus, productivity, and mental energy for work. 

Building Indoor-Outdoor Connections

Extending your indoor to the outdoors gives your interior a broader and bigger look. This new trend of the decade has blurred the boundaries between the interior and the exterior of a house. Out of which, a stretching garden structure is the most popular one. The creation of glazed elements would make your garden and sky view a part of your bedroom. Same flooring or the continued finishing on your flooring in the indoors and the outdoors that is frostproof and slip-resistant is also a great way to create a place for outdoor cooking. dining and for entertainment purposes. People having large places in hotter climes must have a retractable sun canopy, an overhang, glazing, or sloped roofs on their outdoor extensions to protect their exterior from the harsh weather and also to create a contemporary look. Or for a seamless outdoor, indoor transition, completely lose the wall and swap it with bifold doors, sliding doors or French doors if you have a healthy budget. 

Integrating Green Solutions In The Interior

A house with regenerative solutions, renewable energy sources, a healthy indoor climate, recyclable products, and a sustainable design creates a creative and holistic place to live. In this regard, green energy solutions are an integral part of our life and living spaces for a circular sustainable future, fewer carbon footprints, less energy consumption and lower the effects of climate change and global warming in our atmosphere. So, if you are up for your home remodeling, upgrading the home insulation will improve the overall quality of your home that results in less energy wasted. Opt for PVC windows rather than the old drafty windows as the former are highly energy-efficient and an upgraded choice for an eco-friendly home. Always use the paint that has low volatile organic compounds in it to protect your interior from harmful emission of petroleum and chemicals that evaporates out of them. Install a passive solar system designed to heat up your home in the winters and block the heat in the summers.

Home renovations are a challenging business. It’s a time-consuming, money-consuming, and complicated process that eventually gives your home an appealing and aesthetic look you have always yearned for. It is necessary for improving the functionality of your place and enhancing the living conditions of its people and if there are any major repairs that have been pending for months, there is no good time to get it all sorted out.