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Simply Better Scheduling

  • - Spend more time talking and less time finding a time to talk
  • - End the crazy game of "when are you available tag"
  • - Improve customer service
  • - Shorten sales cycles
  • - Integrates with GoToMeeting ™
  • - Up to 70% percent faster than traditional methods
  • - Get Set Up in Minutes
  • - Integrates multiple calendars into one

Feed Salesforce.com the data it craves

  • - Automatically log email and calendar data
  • - Real time keyword scanning to quickly ID important communications
  • - Create accounts and contacts in a single click
  • - Visual opportunity time line reports
  • - Save hours in daily data entry
  • - No more empty or faulty reports
  • - Update and manage opportunities in a single screen
  • - Works on any device
  • - Use your existing mail and calendar, no app install required

why sales bridge ?

What salespeople want to do and what management needs them to do are sometimes at odds. Sales Bridge closes that gap. We give salespeople more time to spend with customers and leads while recording and analyzing those critical activities.

  • - Save hours in daily administrative work
  • - Shorten sales cycles
  • - Improve close rates
  • - Better data to identify best practices
  • - Visual opportunity history shows critical sales stage activities
  • - Single screen opportunity management
  • - Eliminate dual data entry for contact/account information


monthly price $0 $5 / mo $10 / mo
calendar URL
No Sales Bridge branding
Multiple Calendar URL's
GoToMeeting Support
Requires Salesforce.com Account
Email logging to Salesforce.com
Automatic Salesforce.com contact creation
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